Moments of stillness restore me.


My body and mind are calmed by silence. I go slowly. I move more purposefully and fluidly.

I take a break in between each activity. I give my body a chance to move around and give my mind a chance to change gears. I review my priorities so that I may decide what project to work on next without being in a rush.

I concentrate on breathing. I breathe in and out more slowly and deeply.
I look all over my body for any tight or painful spots. I bring my shoulders down and arch my back. I gently release any tension in my jaw or brow if it is clinched.

My hands and feet are massaged. I appreciate everything they do for me, and I thank them.
I look for eye fatigue. I observe one object in the distance, then another closer to me. My eyes begin to relax.

I keep saying a motivating phrase. I take part in the beauty that is all around me.
I appreciate some alone time when it’s available. I stroll in the park or relax on a bench. I can take a break even though I’m surrounded by people. I use my earbuds to listen to recorded spiritual chants or soft instrumental music. I briefly close my eyes and visualize a garden or a mountain trek.
I give myself over to stillness today. I can think clearly and feel at ease when I take part in quiet activities.

Asking Oneself Questions

  1. Why is it critical that I take breaks?
  2. How can I make sure my working day includes regular breaks?
  3. Where can I locate a peaceful place to relax in my neighborhood?
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