My body is powerful.


I am an amazing human being, and my physique is strong.

Wonderful and lovely.
I’m amazed at how my mind works. I notice the strength and majesty that my brain provides, as well as the great beauty that occurs within every process.

My body is a temple, and I make a commitment to care, safeguard, and nourish it at all times.
My mind is the master of all I do, think, and feel. I notice how it collaborates with the rest of my body to carry out the tasks required to safeguard and nurture the rest of my being.
I look at my arms and legs and marvel at their strength. I am grateful for my muscles, nerves, and organs.

My body is an amazing jigsaw that all works together for my benefit. I’m grateful.
I give thanks to my heart, which works tirelessly to keep me alive. It beats, strong and robust, and contributes to my survival.

I enjoy living. I give thanks for being alive, and I appreciate my body for everything it does.
Today, I am strong. I respect my body’s great knowledge and ability, and I am astounded at the accomplishments that are within my grasp. I am grateful for the ability I have to improve the world.

  1. Do I take the time to appreciate my body for all that it does?
  2. Do I value my own intelligence, or do I tend to underestimate and criticize it?
  3. What are the three most important accomplishments in my life that my body has allowed me to enjoy?
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