My heart is open to receiving love.


I now create wonderful partnerships. With an open heart, I reach out to others.
I gain the confidence to be vulnerable. I

Concentrate on what I stand to earn. For a little while, feeling embarrassed or rejected is a tiny price to pay for being able to find close friends or a romantic partner.
I begin small. I accept colleague favors and party invitations from friends. Instead of defending my emotional walls, I prefer making connections. I enjoy knowing that I am allowing others to feel the thrill of giving.

I am always looking for new ways to learn and progress. As I expand my knowledge and talents, I become more intriguing and appealing. My self-assurance makes me enjoyable to be around.
I let go of my preconceived notions. I concentrate on listening to individuals and comprehending their requirements. Instead of creating negative assumptions, I want to express my gratitude and give aid.

I express my emotions. I let people get to know me. I discuss sensitive topics. I recognize and accept responsibility for my emotions. I value input from others and utilize it to create positive changes in my conduct.

I’m in love with myself. Connecting with others begins with self-esteem. I practice self-care and seek partnerships based on mutual goals and trust.
I invite love and affection into my life today. I open my heart to the potential of new and deeper connections.


1. How can offering love allow me to receive greater love?

  1. How do I respond when someone compliments me?
  2. What prevents me from exposing my heart to love?
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