My marriage is strong.


My marriage is built on concern and love.
We have a solid and caring relationship.

We have an open line of communication. We chat about our thoughts and feelings. We talk to each other and ask each other questions.
We address issues in a productive manner. We maintain our cool and concentrate on the positive. We take breaks as needed and restart our talk when we are ready to move forward.
We work as a group and share responsibilities. We take turns picking up the slack. We bargain about domestic tasks and money.

We control expectations. We recognize that our connection necessitates effort, and we accept responsibility for addressing our own needs. We adore each other despite our differences.
We have a good time together. We set aside time to laugh and play. On date evenings, we go dancing. At home, we do silly and romantic things. We take advantage of extended weekends and vacation days to get away.

We pay attention to the details. We hug and hold hands. We make coffee for each other.
Love notes are slipped into lunch bags and coat pockets. While watching old movies on TV, we cuddle and remember.

We are courteous and respectful to one another. We establish trust and affirm one another’s experiences. We respect our differences and give each other space.
Today, I’m grateful for my partner and the life we’ve created together. I take care of myself and prioritize our connection. My marriage is joyful and healthy.


1. Why is it vital to maintain outside friendships?

  1. What is one quality in my partner that I admire?
  2. How has my marriage evolved over the years?
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