My relationship is becoming stronger and deeper each day.


Every day is an opportunity for me to develop my relationship. Every relationship, in my opinion, has the potential to improve.

than it is already.
I also believe that in order to thrive, partnerships take time and energy. I do all possible to assist my relationship grow stronger and deeper.
Because my relationships are vital to me, I give them the attention they require. I am aware that if I do not maintain my relationships, they will degrade.
I tend to my relationships in the same way that a gardener tends to her roses. Every day, I water and fertilize my connections.
As my relationships strengthen an

d deepen, I get stronger and more confident.
My relationships are the cornerstone of my life. When my base is strong and stable, I get stronger as well. My confidence is growing greater by the day because my relationships are improving.
My intimate relationship is the most significant in my life. It’s getting better by the day. As our love develops, so does my ability to thrive.

Today, I’m concentrating on my connections. I’m finally making the phone calls I’ve been putting off. I’m saying exactly what needs to be said. I’m doing everything I can to make my connections become stronger.

Questions for Self-Reflection:

  1. Which of my relationships in my life requires my immediate attention? What can I do to strengthen those relationships?
  2. What can I do to improve as a partner?
  3. What was the most typical cause of failure in my failed relationships?
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