Negativity flows away from me.


In my life, negativity has no place. There is no room for it, and I have no time for bad energy.

I always try to focus on the positive, hope, light, and love.
I am a naturally optimistic person who brings this into my life.

My main focus in everything is positivism and optimism, and this is at the heart of who I am. It is my defining characteristic, my greatest strength, and my most valuable asset.
Every instant, I open my heart, mind, and soul to positivity.

Negativity flows away from me as easily as water does in a brook. I watch it trickle away from me, and I am content to do so.
I feel refreshed, renewed, and regenerated as the negativity flows away from me. I feel lighter as I watch it leave, knowing that the space it occupied is now ready, primed, and ready to be filled with light and positivity.

I am a sea of optimism and hope. This comes out of me with no resistance or impediment.
I respond to every situation with unconditional love and optimism. This has evolved into my natural, real state.

In my life, negativity has no place. I’ve decided to let it go.
Today, I’ve decided to let go of negativity. I see that negativity has no place in my life and that I have the choice to let it go. In its place, I allow positivity and light to flow.

  1. Do I let negativity take control of my life, or do I push it away?
  2. How can I deal with negativity in a healthy manner?
  3. How can I increase the amount of positivity in my daily life?
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