Only light can drive out the darkness.


When circumstances are tough and problems emerge, I recognize the power of the light.
I recognize that through serving as a lighthouse,

I can help drive out darkness by spreading light and positivity.
When times are tough and it appears that there is no way out, I know that I can reach deep within myself to conjure a ray of light and serve as a beacon of hope, love, and positivity.

A single match can start a raging forest fire. I recognize my own ability to act as that single match.
I accept that I can hold a candle for someone who cannot see the light and guide them with the tiniest sliver of hope. I realize my own power and accept responsibility for using it.

After all, love is the only thing that truly exists. Or it can be that way if I want it to be. Fear, hatred, and ignorance have no power over me until I allow them to.
I value the power of love and compassion, as well as my own ability to use both to bring light into the darkness.

I recognize that knowledge is more powerful than ignorance.
I am grateful for strangers’ great kindness. Instead of divisiveness, I see the power that comes with community.

Today, I’m going to choose compassion. I choose a way of life based on understanding, respect, tolerance, and the ability of positivity to drive away negativity.

1. How can my optimism make a difference in the here and now?

  1. What unjustified assumptions do I have about others?
  2. Why do I hold these opinions? Where do they originate?
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