How to Pick up College Girls


So today I received a letter from one of my viewers who asked me a very simple question and I realized that there are probably a lot of guys in the same situation. So I decided to post his question with my answer.

“Being a college student, I go to a lot of parties. However, once I am there, I wind up walking around, saying hi to people I recognize, getting drunk, and not really doing much else. The only time I approach girls is if I recognize them from class or something, but usually that doesn’t happen. I realize these parties are prime opportunities to get girls, but I am not really sure how or what to do. Do you have any tips for me?”

So here’s my advice

Picking up college girls are way easier than picking up girls in a local restaurant, bar, etc. College girls are easier to get because they want to study, have fun and find themselves. So the social status that most women are looking for has not affected a college girl yet. They are not looking for the entrepreneur, the wealthy guy, and the guy that they are going to marry. They are looking for the guy that will make them feel alive and full of adventure.

People are drawn to people who are in groups, especially girls because a person in a group is less likely a to be crazy and put the girl at risk.

If you join social networks and go to parties at least 3 times a week you will start meeting new people and becoming friends with them. Don’t be uncomfortable approaching everyone even if you don’t know him or her. Remember if you are at these events you already have familiar things to talk about. You already attend the same college or our in the same social networks (ex: student body, clubs, sports, fraternities, etc.) and that is more than enough to start a conversation. Remember not to only speak to women become friends with a lot of men as well. Women like men that are popular. If the girls see you at the parties and everyone is speaking to you she will wonder who you are and start asking questions to everyone so she can meet you.

So here my step-by-step guide to getting your college girl

Step one – become well connected

Step two – become well connected at parties

Step three – become the guy everyone knows. You don’t have to be good looking you just need to be the social butterfly that everyone wants to party with.

So your question now is “How do I become connected”.

Step one – Join social networks it helps create a wide range of friends

Step two – Start going to various college parties every night or at least 3 nights a week.

Step three – Flirt with as many girls you want in one night. Trust me one will end up going home with you. But don’t forget don’t turn into a jerk, you might find women your not attracted to but may want to become friends with. So don’t flirt if you think there is more of a potential friendship with a girl. It is always nice to have a group of females friends it will help you in the long run to get more women to have a wing girl.

Step four – start your own parties that everyone wants to go to. At first it will be 5 to ten people within a couple of months the party will attract everyone.

If you are connected into to social society in college it will only be a matter of time before you have every college girl you want.

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