Read This Before You Run Into Your Ex


Written By: Shelagh Blumberg

Life is full of potentially embarrassing moments, one of which is running into your ex.
Perhaps you’ll run into them with their new companion while you’re still pining for them.

Perhaps they’re still looking for a second chance while you’ve moved on.
Even if the breakup was amicable, finding a new way to communicate with someone you used to be close to can be difficult.
Meanwhile, attempting to avoid the issue may exacerbate your anxiety.
Instead, follow these tips to stay calm and leave feeling good about yourself.
Preparing for a Reunion with an Ex:

  1. Accept your emotions. The first step in coping with your emotions is to accept them. Allow yourself time to recognize and process what you’re going through.
  2. Evaluate your life. Are there any elements of your life that you’ve been ignoring?
    The breakup of a relationship can be a chance to refocus your energies on your work or hobbies.
  3. Concentrate on healing. Retooling your own life is the most effective approach to heal after a split. Explore new hobbies and develop goals that will keep you striving.
  4. Exercise forgiveness. Forgiving yourself and your ex is a vital part of the healing process. Accept responsibility for your behavior and apply what you’ve learnt to your future relationship. If you have any anger toward your ex, discuss it with a sympathetic friend or write it down in a notebook. Then, shift your focus to your own future.
  5. Look after yourself. If you’re in good shape, running into your ex will be easy. Eat a well-balanced diet, exercise frequently, and get enough sleep. You could even want to give yourself a makeover.
  6. Practice your reaction. When you’re feeling more safe, decide how you’ll handle any contact with your ex. Consider what would bring you closure and what you would like to say to them. It can be a useful practice regardless of whether actual events unfold as you predicted.
    How to Handle an Encounter with Your Ex:
  7. Be straightforward. You can be friendly without having a profound chat.
    Unless you both wish to reconnect, exchanging cordial greetings may enough.
  8. Exude self-assurance. Smile and stand tall. It will help you think clearly and appear poised even if you are nervous.
  9. Be optimistic. Consider what you enjoyed about your ex. A random encounter in the grocery store could be an opportunity to reaffirm your pleasant recollections.
    If it makes you uncomfortable, on the other hand, you’ll be able to recognize the difficulties that still need to be addressed.
  10. Maintain contact. If you feel the need to reconnect, take it carefully.
    Following up with a phone call or email every now and then will help you determine if you want to start dating again.
  11. Respect your personal boundaries. It is entirely up to you how much time and information you want to share with your ex. You might want to hang out with them and tell them about your financial and love life. You may simply wish them well and say your goodbyes.
  12. Contact a friend. Inform your buddies if you require encouragement and assistance. Consultation with a skilled counselor may also aid in the recovery process.
    Meeting up with your ex can elicit strong emotions, but you can also use the experience to learn and grow. You might be able to make peace with your history and develop a better understanding of yourself and your relationships.
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