Staying Friends After a Breakup


You’ve probably heard a lot of guidelines about whether or not you can stay friends after a breakup. The truth is that it is a personal decision that must be made on an individual basis. If you want to stay friends after your romance ends, here are some things to take before and after you break up.

Before You Split Up

  1. Form genuine friendships. According to studies, couples who were friends before being intimate have a better probability of remaining friends following a split. Your relationship will be stronger if it is founded on more than just physical attraction, regardless of how you met.
  2. Maintain your individuality. While you should enjoy doing things as a pair, you should also maintain your existing support network and pursue your individual hobbies. You’ll be more resilient in adapting to changes in your love life this way.
  3. Hold yourself responsible. Be truthful about your acts that contribute to the breakdown of any relationship. A realistic viewpoint can assist you in recognizing patterns of behavior that you can modify and will make you less prone to blaming the other person for everything.
  4. Sort out any disagreements among yourselves. Seek advice and support from relatives and friends, but refrain from disparaging your relationship. Your loved ones will have less cause to perceive your partner negatively and create barriers if you deal with your disagreements directly.
  5. Identify reliable sources of self-esteem. Learn to appreciate yourself in a steady and reasonable manner. Respect and value yourself as a person to avoid becoming overly reliant on your partner.

After You Have Decided To Divorce

  1. Separate peacefully. Begin your friendship with your ex by treating the breakup with mutual respect and compassion. Instead of withdrawing from each other or uttering nasty things, talk it out.
  2. Be explicit about your aims. If you want to stay in touch, decide if you want to get back together or keep your relationship platonic. It will assist you in avoiding terrible misunderstandings.
  3. Allow yourself some time to calm down. Even if you separate on good terms, you’ll definitely need some alone time before you’re ready to talk to your ex. Take a break so you may ponder and plan for the future.
  4. Consider your options before becoming intimate. Having sex with an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend is always a tricky situation. It may work for some people, but consider whether the momentary pleasure outweighs the potential regrets.
  5. Establish boundaries. Determine your level of comfort. If you and your ex are comfortable addressing personal issues, you may both benefit from speaking with someone who knows you so well. Otherwise, you might want to keep your contacts courteous but brief.
  6. Make new friends. Allow yourself the opportunity to meet new people and fall in love. Attend an adult education class or arrange a party.
  7. Plan ahead of time how you’ll manage new romantic interests. It’s always difficult when one of you finds a new partner. Plan ahead of time so you can adjust as your circumstances change.
  8. Learn from your mistakes. Every connection should be viewed as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the world around you. Instead of considering the breakup as a failure, take pride in your personal improvement.

Continued relationship with your ex may be useful to you or may cause you anguish. Make an informed decision based on your actual sentiments. Whatever you decide, make your objectives clear and treat each other with kindness so you may feel good about the future.

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