Strengthening Your Persistence for Greater Success


Persistence is one of the most valuable character traits you can have. According to the Wordbook Dictionary, “persistence” is determination, tenacity, and “the act of persevering; continuing or repeating a behavior.” Being persistent implies that you will keep trying until you achieve your objective or get things perfect.

Consider moments when you were persistent. What exactly did you do? How long and how frequently did you repeat the behavior required for success? Did you obtain the desired results? What did you take away from your experience?

Knowing when you need to be persistent is one approach to seeing positive outcomes from your efforts. Once you’ve figured out when being persistent is most likely to help you get what you want, you can practice strategies to help you develop more persistence. The more you practice, as with many other things, the better you will get!

Try the following techniques to increase your persistence and achieve greater success in your endeavors:

  1. Recognize that anyone may be persistent. If you’ve ever doubted your ability to persevere in the face of adversity until your goal is achieved, think again. Everyone has the ability to persevere.
  2. Consider the following question: “How important is this issue?” Because being persistent requires a significant amount of mental and, in some cases, physical energy, you should be certain that the issue or situation is important enough to you to make the effort.
  3. Be very specific about your goal. You should know what you desire. What do you aim to achieve? Your concentration on the desired outcome or objective will propel you forward.
  4. The fuel is faith. Although being persistent does not necessitate any special talent or skill, it does necessitate some faith to keep you going. It’s critical to have faith that whatever you’re working on will work out in the end. You will persevere if you believe.
  5. Experiment with various angles. If one approach fails, try another. Then, modify an approach you tried previously. Persistence may necessitate some experimenting before you attain your aim.
  6. It is acceptable to adjust your desires and aspirations. If your situation has changed or the objective is no longer important in your life, alter course with confidence. Make a new plan to get you to your new goal.
  7. Do not give up unless your goal has changed or the significance of the issue has lessened.
  8. Take inspiration from someone who persevered and achieved. Stories of perseverance leading to achievement abound to motivate you. Writers, sportsmen, musicians, and others from many walks of life have remarkable stories to tell about perseverance.

• J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, claims to have sent her first Potter novel to multiple publishers, all of which rejected it until it was finally accepted for printing. Rowling simply kept writing about Harry and his gang during the months of waiting. She insisted.

• Consider Michael Jordan, widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time. Jordan claims that as a sophomore in high school, he did not make the varsity basketball team. And this only fueled his determination. He persevered and eventually accomplished every objective attainable in his field.

• Look for your own hero who persevered and climbed above the fray. Seek your own motivation to motivate you to persevere.

Understand the significance of the issue as well as your purpose. Have trust, experiment, and, if necessary, change your aims. Don’t give up unless it’s absolutely necessary. Finally, pick your own hero who persevered and accomplished great things.

Being persistent is simple, but it takes courage. What’s more, anyone can do it!

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