Success is measured by my impact on the lives of others.


There aren’t many things in life that provide me with unbounded happiness and fulfillment. My effect is how I assess my achievement.

on other people’s lives.
I pledge to do something worthwhile for another person every day. I feel a connection to what it means to live for others when I embark on a project with that goal in mind. When I am able to direct them toward greater happiness, I feel truly fulfilled.

When I solely think on my own achievements, I feel as though something is missing from my life. I am aware that I am here to affect other people.
When I see my students apply what they have learned from me, I know that my work as a teacher has been useful. The outcomes demonstrate that I am succeeding in my educational goals.
I give away a percentage of my income to help a child with their education. I begin with a small subsidy before taking on a bigger responsibility.

Sometimes being a provider involves doing more than just giving money. It entails setting an example for others and motivating them to achieve success. I love the thought of setting a good example for others by working hard and being committed.
My current goal is to succeed through outreach and philanthropy. My standard for success is how well someone else does as a result of my help.

1. How do I affect the young people in my neighborhood?

  1. How frequently do I offer my time to outreach initiatives?
  2. How can I tell when my efforts are sufficient to change other people’s lives?
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