The Challenges of Men That Women Don’t Understand


Written By: Shelagh Blumberg

Women believe that being a male is simple. Sure, a man may have to unclog a septic tank and sweep the driveway, but many women believe that males are exempt from responsibilities.

as well as concerns.
That could not be further from the truth. Being a male has many benefits, but it is not all rainbows and lollipops. Being a man may be difficult.
Many of the difficulties that men face are generally overlooked by women, including:

  1. Men must earn affection. A man’s role in a partnership is mostly utilitarian. Men can be loved, but they aren’t loved unless they contribute something more than their excellent looks, stunning personality, and Red Sox loyalty.
    Women, children, and dogs can all be appreciated simply for being themselves. This method does not provide much benefit to men.
    Women rarely desire to progress from one guy to the next.
    It’s all uphill from here.
  2. Stoicism is expected of men. Guys do want to cry now and then, but it’s frowned upon. Most women are less attracted to a man who cries on a regular basis, and most men would rather put themselves on fire than be around a sobbing man.
    1 Men are expected to face every problem in life with ice water in their veins and a slight smirk. And they are expected to do it alone.
  3. Many males suffer from loneliness. Most single men are alone far more than they would like to be. Most married men are probably less alone than they’d want to be.
    However, even if they won’t accept it, single men are often lonely.
    Many males are reluctant to make friendships with other men.
  4. Men are chastised for their primal inclinations. It’s natural for guys to be drawn to younger, more attractive women. Historically, younger, healthier women were more likely to survive childbirth and have several children. The guys that chose these ladies had the greatest number of children. Their sons inherited the same proclivity.
    It is not the fault of a man if he is not attracted to unhealthy women. Similarly, it is not a woman’s fault if she is naturally drawn to a man with financial, physical, and social resources.
    The same event occurred thousands of years ago, and despite our efforts to change it, this inclination still appears frequently.
    Naturally, this does not apply to men who use their strength to dominate women in order to satisfy their own desires. This behavior is heinous in any way you look at it.
  5. Men are chastised for looking after their own needs. Men who prioritize themselves are regarded as selfish. Women who do the same are thought to be self-sufficient.
    They always say, “Save the women and children first.” Nobody ever says, “Save the men first.”
  6. Men are frequently expected to make the first romantic move. Is this a good or bad thing? Men must put themselves out there and take risks, but they do not have to wait for something to happen. We’ll call this one a tie.
  7. Men are rarely complimented. Women would be astonished how rarely males hear sincere compliments. Give a man a genuine compliment with a wide smile, and watch the puzzled expression on his face. Go ahead and do it. Do it.
  1. The family court system is frequently unjust to men. This occurs more frequently in some states than others, but the prejudice toward keeping the children with the mother is often a formidable force.
  2. Men almost never get out of traffic tickets. Simply ask your female friends if they or their female pals ever get out of traffic tickets and how they do it. In all likelihood, a guy will be unable to utilize his “manly wiles” to avoid a traffic penalty and will have to rely on the judge’s pity if he cannot afford the ticket.
    Being a man is not easy. It’s far more difficult to be a man who women and other men admire. Men have it easier in some facets of life, but manhood is not for the faint of heart.
    Understanding the difficulties that the other gender encounters would assist both men and women. Life is difficult for everyone!
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