The Challenges of Women That Men Don’t Understand


Written By: Shelagh Blumberg

Some males believe that women have it easy, but this isn’t always the case. Most males are unaware of the difficulties that come with being a woman.

Women face greater challenges than males realize. Women have to deal with a lot of things that would irritate the normal guy!
There are special challenges to being a woman, such as:

  1. Women are expected to maintain greater grooming standards. A regular guy can get a $7 haircut, wash his face, and then head to work or the bars. If a woman attempted to pull this off, she would most likely stand out like a sore thumb. Women have a lot more grooming to perform in order to be perceived favorably by the general population.
    Hairstyle, cosmetics, dealing with blemishes and wrinkles, and plucking hairs are all more than the ordinary male can handle on a daily basis.
  2. Women compete with one another. Do you believe your wife or girlfriend got all suited up for you on Saturday? Consider again. She might have been more concerned with what the other women thought.
    Why do women enjoy dating doctors so much? Is it the money, status, and altruism of doctors? It’s possible. However, it is frequently about how impressed their girlfriends will be when they find out.
  3. Women require a large amount of clothing. A man should have a few shirts and a few pairs of khakis or pants. Women would be shunned for wearing such primitive clothing.

    Take, for example, newscasters. The males have two suits, three white shirts, and a variety of ties. A woman who wears the same clothes too frequently is looked down upon.
  4. Women require a large number of shoes. It is not just apparel, but also footwear. A man just requires three pairs of shoes: brown, black, and athletic. Women have a more difficult time accomplishing such a feat.
    A female office worker, for example, cannot get away with only two pairs of shoes in her life, although a male CEO may.
  5. Women often bear the brunt of childrearing and household responsibilities.
    While there are exceptions, women are typically more responsible for their children and the home. This isn’t always the most interesting job.
  6. Moms frequently handle the revolting jobs. Dog puke? “Inform your mother.” Women are more likely than men to deal with runny noses, diarrhea, pus, bleeding knees, and cleaning dirty toilets.
  7. Women are judged mostly by their attractiveness. Men will pay attention to a gorgeous woman with a terrible personality and an expensive drug habit. An unattractive lady with a great personality and a sizable 401k, on the other hand, is often overlooked.
  8. Women are held to a different standard of aging. A 35-year-old woman finds a 50-year-old man appealing, but the contrary is rarely true.
    Although there are evolutionary reasons for this, it remains a valid hurdle for women to overcome.
  9. What women are attracted to and what is healthy for them are sometimes at odds.
    Many women are tormented in private. They know that the polite accountant who adores his mother is the greatest choice for them, but most women are drawn to the arrogant bad boy who has left a trail of female carnage in his wake.
    Every woman knows it’s true, but the majority of them refuse to admit it.
  10. Women are frequently paid less than males for the same profession. Despite our society’s progress toward employment equality, data demonstrate that most women are still paid less than males, even though they have the same job duties.
    It is not only about money, but also about respect. Women frequently have to work harder to acquire the same professional respect that most men accord to their male counterparts.
    Being a woman is not as simple as most guys believe. Sure, being a woman, especially a physically attractive one, has its perks. However, those benefits are accompanied by severe problems.
    Understanding that the other gender has benefits and weaknesses will assist both genders. None of us have it easy all of the time!
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