The People Hindering Your Growth


Written By: Sheelagh Blumberg

Everyone in the world is on their own unique journey. A critical aspect of this journey is your own personal growth. None of us is born perfect and no matter how hard you try, you can never achieve perfection. You can only improve the person you are through personal growth. Just like most things in life, you have to work towards your personal growth. The people in your life play a huge role in your personal growth. They can cause your personal growth to stagnate or propel you to a better version of yourself. The right people can help you draw closer to your ideal self and cultivate your sense of identity. But how can you know whether the people in your life are hindering or aiding your growth? Well, in this article we will help you discern whether the people around you are harming your personal growth or harnessing your potential. Let’s delve into it.
The people around you can either hold you back on your personal growth journey or push you towards a better you. But how can you know if they are harming or building you? Well, here are the things to look out for;

The people around you should be like-minded. They should have similar goals as you in terms of being better versions of themselves. If the company you keep is static and they have no desire of improving their talents or abilities, then this is a sign that they are hindering you from personal growth.

You should be surrounded by people who are honest and open with you. They should be straightforward with you and give you their honest opinion. They should not fear telling you when you are messing up or when something isn’t right. People who give you their two cents can help you see things differently and subsequently prevent you from making mistakes. If the people around you just watch you as you get off track and don’t say a thing, then it is likely they are hindering you from your growth. The people around you should check you and motivate you to stay on track and achieve your goals. They should steer you in the right direction whenever you are faltering.

Lifting your spirit
The people around you should lift you when you are down. They should be there for you at your point of need. They should encourage you and remind you who you are. Essentially, they should take you back to the altar when you veer off course. They should remind you why you began your journey and where you hope to be. The bottom line is that the people around you need to support you either emotionally, physically, or even financially. If all the people around you do is give excuses and barely support your course, then chances are they are doing your personal growth more harm than good.

Habits and Routines
What routines do the people around you engage in? Do they engage in beneficial habits and routines such as working out, meditation, healthy eating, etc or do they engage in gossiping, excess partying, doing drugs, etc? Examine the behavior and activities of the people around you. If what they engage in does not make you a better person, then they are more or less hindering your growth. Friends who engage in activities that are not geared towards self-development are an obstacle to your personal growth. If all you do is have chatter but no meaningful or serious conversations with the people around you, then you are keeping the wrong company.
Being You
People around you should always encourage you to be yourself. They should be comfortable with the person you are and only strive to make you a better person. If the people around you push you to do things that you don’t want to or become judgmental about your new routines or hobbies, then they are not fit to be in your circle. The right company should give you the freedom and confidence of being yourself without the fear of being judged or rejected altogether.

If the people around you are inconsiderate about your feelings, then it’s fair to say that they are inhibiting your efforts of personal growth. They may sometimes make fun of your efforts or throw jabs at you. Sometimes they may even insult you either directly or indirectly. There is a thin line between sarcasm and mean remarks that are insulting and bullish. Either way, the people around you should be mindful of your feelings at all times.

Are the people around you controlling you? Are they trying to micromanage instead of empowering you and standing by your decisions? Well, that might be a sign that they are not for you. Those around you should give you advice and not make decisions for you. If those around you are treating you like a puppet then it’s time to walk away from that friendship or relationship.
There you have it. Stay mindful of the people around you. Not everyone is vouching for you. Some people are weeds to your growth. Be mindful of the people around you because not everyone is meant to be in it. Metaphorically, you need to know what you are planting and who is helping you water. Only keep the people who inspire and motivate you to be a better version of yourself close. So decide wisely who you want to keep in your life.

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