Tips for Keeping Your Relationship Strong When You’re on Different Schedules


Strong communication skills are required in any relationship, and it is tough to sustain that communication when your schedules diverge. Making an extra effort in this situation

Making an effort to contact your partner can make all the difference.
Keep the following suggestions in mind to keep your relationship strong:

  1. Resolve disagreements as quickly as possible. When you’re on opposing schedules, it’s critical to resolve issues as soon as possible, otherwise they may fester.
    It’s tempting to put things off until a more convenient time, but that moment rarely comes. With so limited time together, your inclinations may be to dismiss the disagreement, but it’s best to deal with it now rather than later. If you can’t talk about it in person, make a phone call.
  2. Prioritize quality time. When you’re together, make the most of your time together. Discuss your ideas and do activities that make both of you happy. Avoid wasting time by debating bills or trivial matters.
  3. Distribute responsibilities. It’s difficult to decide who should be accountable for what around the house when you’re both busy. Determine how you will divide the chores ahead of time. Maintain a set schedule to avoid future squabbles over who didn’t do what and when.
  4. Assist one another. If you have the time, go out of your way to assist your partner. This action will demonstrate to them that you genuinely care about them. Being on opposing schedules can be difficult at times, so everything you can say or do to transmit positive thoughts to your partner is beneficial.
  5. Drop love notes. These notes don’t have to be romantic or profound all of the time. Maybe you can just tell your partner that you made her a special dinner when she gets home. It doesn’t really matter what you say; what matters is that you’re providing another way to communicate with your partner when you can’t physically be present.
  6. Arrange a getaway. When you have some free time, sit down and plan your family vacation. Even if the vacation is several months away, this might be a fun thing to do. It enables you to envision a time when the entire family will be present without having to worry about scheduling problems.
  7. Schedule time for intimacy. Physical intimacy is not always synonymous with intimacy, though it can be. Being on conflicting schedules is exhausting, and you may feel more like a roommate than a partner.
    • Find a means to express your feelings for your lover. You only have a few minutes together, but you can make the most of them.
  8. Be there for one another. While you may not always be physically present, find a way to be there for your partner when they are going through a difficult time. They may need to rely on you more frequently, and you don’t want them to feel isolated. You can send frequent emails or text messages, as well as make frequent phone calls.
    While having opposing schedules can be difficult, it does not have to mean that your relationship is doomed. You two can still have normal and absolutely happy lives. Use these tactics to bring you closer together even when your schedules keep you apart.
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