Travel expands my mind.


I enjoy discovering new areas. I learn new things and gain new perspectives. Meeting people from diverse cultures inspires me.

Examine my assumptions and seek alternative viewpoints. I appreciate learning about history, politics, and art in the actual world.
I think in a more innovative manner. I adjust to new circumstances. I decipher foreign transit schedules and restaurant menus. I eat with my hands and sleep on the floor. I practice requesting directions in Spanish.

I meet new people. I go on walking tours and strike up conversations with strangers at coffee shops. I communicate with people through social media and greeting cards.
I am a stress reliever. Vacations and business vacations allow me to escape from my daily routine. When I’m at the beach with my family, I unplug. When I attend conferences, I go to the hotel gym or the local farmer’s market.

I discover more about myself. When I move into unfamiliar territory, I uncover new talents and strengths. I am gaining confidence and boldness.
Before I travel, I do some research on my destination. Anticipation is a part of the fun. I find out about restaurants and historic sites that I’d like to visit.
Today, I search for opportunities to travel both locally and internationally. Each trip I take sharpens my thoughts and adds variety to my life.


1. What are three words that come to me when I think of travel?

  1. How can travel improve both my physical and mental health?
  2. What is one thing I can do to improve the quality of my next business trip?
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