Wealth is measured by how peacefully I sleep at night.


When I envision the perfect life, experiences come before things.
Experiences have the power to truly make me grin.

and keep me happy.
I feel at ease knowing my family is secure. My number one concern is for their welfare. Every day, I check in on them to let them know I’m here to assist them. One of my greatest jobs in this life is being a rock.

When I can spend time with my pals, I am able to sleep soundly at night. Every time we get together, our sense of community is heightened.
I feel at peace when I know that there are people with whom I can be myself. I feel liberated and unbound because of my intimate connections. And it’s helped me to accept myself for who I am.
The delight that comes from material possessions lasts only as long as the novelty of the purchase lasts. I like to invest my money in experiences that will live in my memory forever.

A restful night’s sleep is facilitated by having vivid memories to mull over at night.
I value issues of the heart above worldly belongings, and as a result, I feel like the richest lady in the world right now. My sleep at night is restful because I avoid worldly concerns and concentrate on what makes me happy.

Asking Oneself Questions

  1. What more can I do to make sure I get a good night’s sleep?
  2. How big of an effect does a pleasant workplace have on my state of mind?
  3. How can I tell when I need a break from my regular schedule?
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