What You Need to Know About Love Addiction


Written By: Shelagh Blumberg

What do you think about when you’re not in a relationship? Have you ever been afraid of being alone or being rejected? Do you lose interest in items you enjoy when you enter a new environment?

A increasing body of evidence suggests that romantic love can be addictive.
Love junkies are addicted to the adrenaline of the first romance but never evolve into what true love is – presence, connection, and support.
Love junkies confuse a relationship’s intensity with the intimacy of true love.
As a result, partnerships experience emotional highs such as great desire and emotional lows such as deep disappointment or sadness.
Love addiction is the inability to be vulnerable and bond with others in healthy ways. It is a coping mechanism used by people to insulate themselves from uncomfortable feelings such as shame, fear, and depression.
Because love addicts may undervalue themselves, they frequently devote excessive time and value to the person to whom they are attached.
Love addiction must be recognized because, like other addictions, love addicts might experience withdrawal symptoms when their addiction is removed.
When a relationship ends, the withdrawal from love addiction can be heartbreaking.
Any stress caused by love addiction might result in poor work performance, sadness, or disregard of self-care.

Don’t allow love addiction impede you from finding the love of your life!
Recognize the warning signs and learn how to take care of yourself to avoid the misery that love addiction can inflict.
Love Addiction Symptoms
People suffering from love addiction may: 1. be afraid that their lover will leave them.
2. Give someone too much time, attention, and worth.
3. In a relationship, neglect and undervalue themselves
4. Behave in order to fit into a partnership

  1. Rely on sex, seduction, and manipulation to keep a spouse.
  2. Finding it tough to exit toxic situations
  3. Conflate sexual or romantic fervor with love and genuine intimacy
    When you are not in a relationship, you may feel lonely or desperate.
  4. Because of a relationship, you may miss crucial responsibilities (such as those with family or at work).
  5. Think about their relationship obsessively.
    While you may recognize some of the aforementioned symptoms on occasion, love addicts exhibit a continuous pattern of these symptoms. Love addicts will see a reduction in their ability to care for themselves when in a relationship.
    Recovery from love addiction necessitates taking precise efforts to care for yourself. Because love addicts tend to overvalue their connection while undervaluing themselves, it is critical that they learn to improve their confidence and take care of themselves.
    How to Look After Yourself
    2 If you suspect you may be susceptible to love addiction, prioritize your overall well-being.
    These steps will assist you in developing your self-esteem so that you do not associate your self-worth with a relationship:
  6. Keep a journal. Journaling can help you work through your emotions and thoughts. Begin journaling to discover more about how you feel and what you want.
  7. Keep repeating positive affirmations. Positive affirmations might assist you in feeling better about yourself.
  8. Establish personal objectives. In a relationship, love addicts frequently disregard and undervalue themselves. Set personal goals to help you find happiness outside of a relationship and to boost your self-esteem.
  9. Establish healthy limits. Learn to prioritize yourself and set healthy limits for your needs, well-being, and self-care. To begin, identify what you require to feel good and put healthy boundaries around it.
  10. Keep your promises. Love junkies may neglect critical family or job obligations in their quest of love. Practice keeping your promises.
  11. Locate a therapist. Therapy can assist you in dealing with any unresolved childhood trauma or bad feelings. Find a therapist who can help you learn to care for yourself.
    When you take care of yourself, you will find the healthy love you deserve, which includes presence, intimacy, and understanding.
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